Integrative Health Care

Anna Thomsen L.Ac.


Come experience a holistic medical approach.

Celebrating over 30 years practicing Integrative Health Care on the Monterey Peninsula, Anna Thomsen L.Ac. uniquely combines Oriental Medicine and Functional Medicine, offering diagnostic skills and treatment methods to assist your bodies natural ability to heal and maintain optimal health.

 The Benefits of Integrative Health Care include:

  1. Sensible, safe, and effective treatment alternatives to drug therapy and its side effects.

  1. Treats the whole person through diagnosing the underlying cause of the illness in relationship to the patient's lifestyle, diet, exercise, and stress.

  1. A focus on prevention diminishes the need for costly surgeries and medications.

  1. Alternative therapies provide new insight when conventional health care approaches have been exhausted.

  1. Through preventative health care education, the patient is empowered to maintain his or her own optimal health, retarding the aging process, and preventing hereditary health related conditions.

  1. Enhances the use of other therapies, including chiropractic, physical therapy, and psychotherapy, to support the patient’s potential for a complete recovery and optimizing the patients highest quality of life.

Licensed Acupuncturist
Clinical Nutritionist
Clinical Kinesiologist
Medical Intuitive

Functional Medicine
Sound Therapy
Neuro-emotional Technique
Structural Bodywork
Sacral-occipital Technique